Praise for Designing for Emerging Technologies

For those interested in tech innovation and the future practice of design, who are accepting of complexity and dissonant ideas, and never completely satisfied with the status quo, this book is a revelation.

In a world of too many lagging indicators, it’s too rare a pleasure to find a book like Designing for Emerging Technologies: something that’s actually skating toward where the puck is going to be, instead of where it’s been.

Jonathan Follett has curated a collection of viewpoints that ought to be considered, appreciated, and reflected in the work of everyone designing next-generation devices and applications: the things that will make us say, ten years from now, ‘How did we ever get along without that?’
— Peter Coffee, VP for Strategic Research, Salesforce
This book is a must-read for anyone involved in innovative product design, new business creation, or technology research for near future applications. The wide collection of essays offers a wild ride across multiple disciplines.
— Carla Diana, Creative Technologist and Author
If you’re looking for insights into how to design the future today, look no further.
— Dan Saffer, Author of Microinteractions
Jon Follett has beautifully curated a sandbox that will inspire you, make you think, and most importantly enable you to act to help design a better future.
— Saul Kaplan, Founder of the Business Innovation Factory