3D Printing

Intelligent Materials: Designing Material Behavior
Brook Kennedy on future materials that will enable physical products and environments to exhibit new behaviors and interactions

Beyond 3D Printing: The New Dimensions of Additive Fabrication
Steven Keating on the future possibilities for 3D printing technologies, including printing buildings and structurally engineering and altering color on a nano-scale

The Evolution of the Design Field

Designing for Emerging Technologies 
Jonathan Follett on design for disruption and the ways in which designers can approach the power of emerging technologies. 

New Responsibilities of the Design Discipline
Martin Charlier on the necessity of being critical about new technology

Become an Expert at Becoming an Expert
Lisa deBettencourt on ways for user experience practitioners to satisfy the need to rapidly acquire domain knowledge 

The Changing Role of Design
Dirk Knemeyer on the evolution of the design field

Genomics and Synthetic Biology

Tales from the Crick: Experiences and Services When Design Fiction Meets Synthetic Biology
Marco Righetto and Andy Goodman on the possible future manifestations of synthetic biology and the side effects produced along the way

The Internet of Things / Connected Environments

Learning and Thinking with Things
Stephen P. Anderson on how we might improve our learning abilities through tangible interfaces, when the physical objects with which we play are endowed with new digital properties 

Prototyping Interactive Objects
Scott Sullivan on the UX designer’s need for understanding computer science and electrical engineering, in order to achieve a level of mastery over emerging interfaces for the Internet of Things

Architecture as Interface
Erin Rae Hoffer on the transformation of the built environment into a networked set of data-enabled elements and devices, where interconnected and intelligent spaces will impact how people live and work

Design for the Networked World
Matt Nish-Lapidus on the core skills for designing modern net- worked objects and the role of the designer in shaping the future

Product Design

Taking Control of Gesture Interaction
Gershom Kutliroff and Yaron Yanai on the promise of gesture recognition, and the tricky problem of enabling our devices to understand us in the same way that other people do

Emerging Technology and Toy Design
Barry Kudrowitz on how emergent technology might be incorporated into future playthings, and the difficulties of creating robust, low-cost products that appeal to a broad audience

Musical Instrument Design
Camille Goudeseune on the product design of musical interfaces and the deep parallels to experience design for emerging technologies

Design for Life
Juhan Sonin on the convergent technological and societal trends pushing design to the forefront of health


Design for Collaborative Robotics
Jeff Faneuff on the profound challenges in the design of interaction, emotion, culture, and technology frameworks, as robots start to work side-by-side with people

Designing Human-Robot Relationships
Scott Stropkay and Bill Hartman on the growing influence and capabilities of robots in our work and personal lives 


Design Takes on New Dimensions
Hunter Whitney on how visualization design can help us understand things that are at seemingly impossible scale, such as neuroscience and cosmology

Wearable Technology

Fashion with Function
Michal Levin on the user experience of wearable technology, and the ecosystem for innovation inherent in an increasingly device-rich world 

Andy Goodman on the intriguing idea of embeddables throughout history as body modification, and in the future as mental and sensory prosthetics, increasing our knowledge and perception of the world around us